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Our Projects

Social Enterprise

CHAMALiiN creates opportunities that economically and socially empower vulnerable women in Bangkok by providing our network of artisans the space, materials, and support to produce beautiful and unique products that reflect their cultural identities.

Livelihood Development

CHAMALiiN began in 2016 as a social enterprise to provide ethical, sustainable, and safe livelihood opportunities for vulnerable and marginalised women in Bangkok. CHAMALiiN addresses one of the biggest challenges they face in Bangkok - the absence of safe and sustainable income generating opportunities. CHAMALiiN provides economic empowerment by offering our beneficiaries the space and support to generate sustainable extra income in the safety of their homes. CHAMALiiN focuses its efforts on women and young girls, as often they are left with domestic responsibilities, and have no access to extra income, nor many other opportunities.

Our Efforts

PSPF works with civil society groups to develop their capacity to become self-sufficient. This includes, but it is not limited to: assistance with the participation of historically excluded independent CSOs from the ASEAN Civil Society Forum/ASEAN People’s Forum (ASCS/APF); creating a safe space for independent CSOs and other international organizations to discuss and advance freedom of religion or belief; training modules on human rights, civil society, and capacity building for independent CSO’s and religious communities; building partnerships between independent civil society organizations; and supporting independent CSOs in engaging with UN mechanisms and human rights instruments.



The Civil Society Development team works closely with a large network of volunteers and support from BPSOS. Their work includes collaborative input from partner organizations and projects with regional NGOs, local Thai civil society organizations, independent civil society groups and faith-based groups. 

Civil Society Development

Through targeted training, advocacy, and technical support, the CSD team supports the development of civil society in South East Asia.  

Civil Society Development

CAP provides independent advice and representation for people making asylum applications to UNHCR Thailand. Our services are free of charge and open to asylum seekers and refugees in Thailand of all nationalities.


The primary mission of CAP is to support and advocate for the rights of asylum seekers and refugees, to provide advice, representation and protection for people making asylum applications to UNHCR Thailand, and to help empower asylum seekers and refugees to realize their rights in Thailand.  CAP works primarily with the urban refugee population in Thailand.

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